VLC Direct Pro 6.6 Apk Play Media Android

VLC Direct Pro 6.6 Apk Play Media Android

Download VLC Direct Pro 6.6 Apk Play Media Android

Current Version : 6.6
Size : 847
support Android : android 2.0 / 2.1 eclair, android 2.2 froyo, android 2.3 gingerbread, android tablet 3 honeycomb or above

VLC Direct Pro 6.6 Apk - Mediafire Download

No more file transfers! Stream and play Music, Videos and Photos anywhere you want!
Easy and Powerful Media Client and Server Application.No Ads! No playback Limits!
VLC Remote Control features: browse files, play, enqueue, pause, stop, volume, fullscreen, playlist and more.

VLC Direct Pro 6.6 Apk Play Media Android

Download VLC Direct Pro 6.6 .Apk
V6.6 update:
Bug fixes
Interface Latency fix
Internal Player issue fix

This is the only application of the entire market that can stream videos and music in both ways:
* From Computer to Android
* From Android to Computer

With this application you can play music, videos and photos in your computer’s VLC or in your Android device. You don’t have to worry where your files are stored -they can be in your android or in your computer-, VLC Direct Pro will take care of streaming when necessary.



** Even when VLC Direct Pro supports streaming through 3G/4G. It will depend on the 3G/4G carrier. Take into account that many carriers block RTSP packets. **

* Only for advanced users: If you want to use VLC Direct Pro through remote networks these are the ports you will have to map in the routers:
* 8080 (VLC Web Interface)
* 4444 (Streaming from Android to VLC)
* 5554 (Streaming from VLC to Android)

Download VLC Direct Pro .Apk
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Download VLC Direct Pro 6.6 Apk
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